Billy bunce




Acoustic, electric, a little bit eccentric. A blues rocker and singer-songwriter with a background in jazz.

“Billy mesmerizes with exquisite guitar skills and will soothe you with his delicate-yet-edgy vocals.”

Playing guitar and working hard since the age of 12, Billy is now fresh on the New York City music scene. With a deep sound and a captivating feel, he’s defining his own way to rock out and mix up some tasty jams. Performing his large catalogue of original music and blues, as well as recognizable crowd favorites ranging from Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash, the Grateful Dead, to The Beatles, Arlo Guthrie, Steve Miller Band, and Pink Floyd. Billy is known for playing a song differently every time, always bringing a new, inspiring and transcendent experience. Born and raised in the northwest corner of Connecticut with many family members and animals alike, Billy had a passion for music from a very young age. First playing the trumpet in the elementary school band, then a short stint with piano, and ultimately finding his soul mate in the six string beast - guitar. Being involved and working in all ranges of the music industry from jazz camps and magazines, to night clubs and music venues. Billy has a large variety of experience that shines through in his stage performances. Whether it’s a casual cocktail hour or a boogie woogie get down, Billy accommodates all crowd and venue needs. When moving on the dance floor or sipping drinks in good company, the music of Billy Bunce is always a true delight.



Upcoming Shows

  • August 1st: New York NY,

    Session73, 7:30pm-10:30pm

  • August 3rd: Norfolk CT,

Weekend In Norfolk festival, Infinity Music Hall Outdoor Stage, 12pm-1pm

  • August 6th: New York NY,

    Pianos NYC, upstairs, 8pm-8:45pm

  • August 10th: Private Party

  • August 11th: Canaan CT,

    Tyler & Mackenzie’s Jack and Jill, Canaan VFW, 1pm-6pm

  • August 11th: New York NY,

    Rockwood Music Hall, stage 1, Midnight(8/12)-1am

  • August 14th: New York NY,

    Session73, 7:30pm-10:30pm

  • August 27th: New York NY,

    The Bowery Electric, The Map Room, 8:30pm

  • September 11th: New York NY,

    Parkside Lounge, 9:30pm

  • September 19th: New York NY,

    KGB Bar, Red Room, 10pm-1am

  • October 6th: New York NY,

    Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1, 5pm

  • October 12th: Canaan CT,

    Private Party.

  • October 25th: Brooklyn NY,

    The Well, Halloween Costume Party, 8pm

  • November 7th: New York NY,

    Ottos Shrunken Head, 10:30pm

Cold Cover 4.jpg


by Billy Bunce

Billy Bunce’s first release. Self produced and recorded in his home studio in East Harlem New York City. Released July 13th 2019. Artwork by Billy Bunce